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MCA is a modular, network transparent and realtime capable C/C++ framework for controlling robots and other kind of hardware. The main plattform is Linux/RTLinux. Support for Win32 and MCA OS/X also exists.

Quick Overview Detailed Introduction
Documentation This section contains a quick introduction, a tutorial, a programmers guide and some links to other documentation in our mca2 wiki.
Requirements Have a look at a list including all necessary and optional software packages and their sources.
Download Downloading is provided by the SourceForge release system on our SourceForge Homepage.
The following packages are available:
  • mca2 -- Everything you need to develop MCA2 controle systems.
  • CAN -- A CAN- device driver for Linux, RT-Linux, RTAI and RTAI/LXTR and also a rough Qt-based CAN-monitor tool.
News News are provided by the SourceForge news system on our SourceForge Homepage.
Mailing List A Mailing List and the ability to search and brows the corresponding archiv is also provided via SourceForge.
Mailing List A list of projects that have been realised using MCA2.

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