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2.2. Creating, Configurating and Modifying Widgets

After generating a widget by using the corresponding button of the toolbar or a menu entry it appears on the upper left visible corner of the workspace. In order to distinguish between normal use of the widget and editing it, the ctrl-button is used. Whenever you want to manipulate or configurate a widget, keep the ctrl-button pressed when using mouse buttons.

The following actions are generally available on all widgets:


Hold ctrl-button, move mouse pointer over widget, press left mouse button and then move the widget with mouse.

Change Size

Hold ctrl-button, move mouse pointer over widget, press right mouse button and change widget size with mouse.

Mark widget

Hold ctrl- and shift-button, move mouse pointer over widget and then press middle mouse button. Multiple widgets can be marked. The actions cut, copy and move act on all marked widgets.

Open Edit Window

Hold ctrl-button button, move mouse over widget and press middle mouse button. If an edit window is still opened its focus will change to the new widget, otherwise it will be opened. The edit window consists of the cathegories sensors, actors, blackboards, common and special.

Within the the edit window, the sensor and/or actor ports of the widget can be connected to IO changels (sensor output and controller input) of the MCA2 controle system. Also Blackboards are selectable, if a widget uses this feature. In order to connect widget ports to a MCA2 controle system, just select one or several channels of the system on the right side with the mouse, then select one of the widgets ports on the right. Finally press the "-->" button. The column "connected with" of the widget ports will change to the new selection.

The cathegorie "common" offers the possibility of manipuling the common look and feel of a widget. Its frame and label, the label position and orientation can be changed. Every widget has some special configuration possibilities. These are available in the edit widgets "special" cathegorie.