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3.3. Extended

3.3.1. Round analog display

This widget can be used as actor, as sensor or as both. As actor it is used like a slider, except that this is round. As sensor the widget displays sensor values as known from cars tachometer. The minimum and maximum values or the scale are specified in the special edit wigdet. If wrapping is switched on, the space between end and start of scale will disappear. This may be used as input for circular function, which act periodically from 0 to 2 pi.

3.3.2. Display String

This widget needs additionally a blackboard, which is of type eBBT_CHAR_S. In the special edit widget, for each line an index of blackboard entries has to be specified. The entry of this given index is then displayed in the corresponding line of the widget. Normally a line is displayed as normal text, but an LCD mode is also available. All lines will update to a new content of the blackboard if the common "BlackboardContent changed" input changes. If one of the "Port No." inputs change, only the corresponding line will be updated. Of course, if none of these inputs are connected or do not change, nothing will happen. Then all inputs of the widget do not change.

3.3.3. String Choice

The string choice widget is a combo box. Its entries are read from a blackboard of type eBBT_CHAR_S. Whenever the user selects one item the index of this item is emitted to the specified actor value.