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Chapter 2. Basics

Table of Contents
2.1. Menu, Toolbar and Workspace
2.2. Creating, Configurating and Modifying Widgets

This Chapter explains the structure and appearance of mcagui. The second part is about how to manipulate widgets. Here especially all keyboard and mouse-click actions are explained.

2.1. Menu, Toolbar and Workspace

The main screen consists of a menu, a toolbar and a workspace. Beside loading and saving the toolbar only contains buttons for creating widgets. Of course all toolbar functions are also included into the menu. Just rest with your mouse pointer over a button to get a short description.

All created widgets will appear within the workspace, where they firstly are displayed in the upper left edge. How to manipulate these widget is described in the next section.

The menu consists of the following entry-structur.


Load and Save the workspace configuration. Connect and Disconnect to MCA2 controle system.


Cut, Copy, Paste


This menu contains all widgets that use only sensor values, e.g. these are only monitoring values.


Contains widgets, that only act on actor values. Use these for manipulation purposes.


Some widgets act on both actor and sensor values or moreover use blackboards.


Plugins are automatically loaded after startup. This menu just keeps a list of them.


Change same basic behaviour of mcagui