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3.5. Compiling

In order to compile MCA programs you need a Makefile.input file in your project directory. Additionally you need a link to a global makefile. You can create by calling

> make prepare
within the main MCA2 directory after creating the Makefile.input file.

Please look at "How to use the MakefileMaker" for details about necessary entries in Makefile.input. Look at any Makefile.input files in misc, base, user_lib or project/test for example entries.

If you want to create the descriptions of a module automatically, you have to insert an entry descr_ModuleName.C into Makefile.input. Note, that the this results in the execution of a parser, that tries to read the ModuleName.h file and converts the enumerations into string constants. This results in creation of a file descr_ModuleName.C that will be compiled and linked to your executable or library.

Building an rtl program results only in an object file that can be added into kernel using the insmod or modprobe command. We recommend to test modules extensively within linux parts before executing them into kernel space.